Game of Thrones: “Mockingbird” – Quick Thoughts

Before I start a couple of things. There will be spoilers, don’t go moaning at me when you read something that you haven’t already watched yet ok? If you do I will hold you in as high regard as I hold Dany’s story lines. Secondly, I’m not going to go through everything that happens in the episode, just little things that popped into my head as I watched. Sorted? Good, off we go.

A very quick write up this week even though Mockingbird was a pretty masterful episode. Without there necessarily being much action it advanced plenty of characters stories along and included more than enough memorable moments. I want to start on probably my favourite moment from this week; Sansa hitting Robin.

Remember that brilliant scene in the opening episode of season one where Tyrion slapped Joffrey back at Winterfell? Well, for me this came close to topping that. Ever since we first met Robin Arryn, creepily at his mothers breast, back in season one he has just been one character that you wanted to see get a good slap. It was pretty great to see Sansa get a (very) brief moment of strength here considering she has been such a drip for nearly four seasons. So after Robin had run off crying in waltz’s creepy Uncle Littlefinger who explained to Sansa how he always loved his mother and all the stuff we had heard before and then decided to kiss her as Lysa looked on from a balcony. We always knew that Lysa was utterly mental, even from the few glimpses of her early on in the show but these past couple of episodes have just shown how deluded or even under Littlefingers spell she is. It was a pretty nice ending with Lysa getting pushed out of the Moon Door by Littlefinger. For someone who has had a hand in so many deaths it was interesting to see him kill someone with his own hands.

Take that you little shit
Take that you little shit

The rest of the episode was very Tyrion heavy as he called on people to be his champion. These were some truly great scenes with Peter Dinklage showing off his acting chops even more after last weeks stunning performance. Just as it seemed that he would have to fight Cersei’s champion himself everyone’s favourite new character Prince Oberyn waltzed in to give Tyrion hope. In Kings Landing this is what the whole season has been leading to since Oberyn’s appearance in the capital. As soon as it was shown that Ser Gregor Clegane, The Mountain was to be Cersei’s champion is was obvious that Oberyn would stand for Tyrion in order to gain his revenge for his sisters death. 

Will Oberyn prevail?
Will Oberyn prevail?

It’s a shame that the show is going on a week break for Memorial Day in the US so we have to wait to see the next episode; The Viper & The Mountain . So,for those of you who haven’t read the books who do you think will step away victorious from this duel? We have heard a lot about Oberyn’s prowess in battle and this week we got a glimpse of the power of The Mountain.

Some other quick thoughts:

– Dany finally gave in to Daario. Couldn’t really care too much though to be honest. Dany’s storyline is still the one that bores me the most and has done pretty much since season two. She has had some pretty awesome standout moments but there’s just something about her story that I just can’t get behind.

– Sir Friendzone Mormont. Poor Jorah. Did you see his face after he passed Daario leaving Dany’s chambers? Never have you seen a man so broken. 

– If I didn’t have to see Melisandre again for a while I don’t really mine. It seems as if she is the only main character who hasn’t negotiated a “no naked scenes” clause this season and that for me is the only reason we still get to see her every now and again. his episode genuinely wouldn’t have been any better or worse if the scene on Dragonstone was cut.

– Arya killing Rorge was fantastic and it was great to see her just do it by herself and taking a few hints from The Hound on board. This pairing has been utterly amazing and seeing The Hound show  bit more of a human side was great thing to see. These pairings can’t go on forever so when it ends it will be a sad day.

– Last but certainly not least…HOTPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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