Maybe Fulham Were Just A Bit Crap Mohamed?

Me and my friend Jona were having a laugh on Monday night during the ad break of Game of Thrones. We saw that Liverpool were 3-0 up and, as United fans, let out a massive groan. We kept talking about football and conversation turned to Fulham and how they were now confirmed to relegated to the Championship from the Barclays Premier League (it’s law that you have to call it that).

Now, Jona made the observation that it is obvious that Fulham have gone down because their new owners got rid of the Michael Jackson statue that stood “proudly” outside Craven Cottage over the years. We of course both had a little chuckle and then proceeded to watch the rest of Game of Thrones.

Fast forward a couple of days and the e owner of Fulham, Mohamed Al Fayed, has actually been saying that (and i’m paraphrasing here, it’s tough to actually understand what Al Fayed says) Fulham went down because they got rid of the statue. Now, this definitely does not sound like a bitter former owner having a pop at the new owner at all does it? Oh wait, it does.

Well, how about this Mohamed, maybe, just maybe the reason Fulham went down were because they were a little bit shit and not because of a terrible, terrible statue.

Michael Jackson statue Fulham FC
I don’t think this even needs a caption.

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