Kevin Spacey: Advanced Warfare

Well, another year, another Call of Duty.

I didn’t go anywhere near the last one, mainly because I was too busy playing Battlefield 4 but I’m very interested to see what happens this year with the Call of Duty franchise. It will be the first year where the games first thought is next gen consoles and it needs to come out swinging especially with Titanfall being the first truly great multiplayer FPS to be released on next gen.

A couple of things stand out for me in the trailer, firstly, KEVIN BLOODY SPACEY and secondly, I’m very much expecting players to be able to hop around a la Titanfall.

Apart from a pretty trailer there isn’t much more known about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare so let’s wait until we see some actual gameplay before we start ripping it apart mmkay internets?

Oh and did I mention KEVIN SPACEY?! I did? Oh, ok.


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