A New Beginning

Well hello there, long time no see and all the other usual clichés we spout after not seeing people for a long time. It’s been over two years since I last put something up on here, granted I have attempted to write a few things since then on my ill-fated ‘trying to write a book’ website (don’t even go looking for it, seriously, my lack of drive to do anything on that was embarrassing).

A lot has changed for me over those past couple of years. I’ve recently started a new job back closer to home (Swindon, UK) and That means for the first time since my girlfriend and I have been together that we are living, seven days a week, in the same Town. This is where we start the sweepstakes to see how long it will be before she realises that’s not a good thing!

I’ve tried to tidy this little site up so that I have an outlet to get some thoughts down when I have them, regardless of the subject matter. It could be football, TV, marketing, video games or just something that is in my head, who knows but as someone who wrote and podcast about video games for nearly three years sometimes you just miss being able to force your opinions on to people. New posts may take the form of one paragraph or they could be huge opinion pieces, more than likely though they will be pretty short and to the point. I will be trying to get something out at least once a week just to keep the site updated (yay for google) so feel free to subscribe to this page if you fancy it.

Anyway, time to crack on with some work. It’s good to be back and let’s see how long this new beginning lasts.


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