Why I’m Excited About Google+

So Google+ is here, In a limited way of course. People seem to be falling over themselves to get on the latest Social Network. I was lucky enough to get an invite from a friend on Twitter and it has got me really excited, and this is why;

As a young marketer I am still learning, there are some things I know and I do well at but this industry is ever changing, new ways of doing things come around every single day, every single hour. There is nowhere that I feel that I can get access to quality information quickly. Facebook is full of school “friends” that I haven’t seen for 8 years, must of who are whinging about their life. LinkedIn, while great for networking and keeping in contact with people you meet isn’t great for sharing information. LinkedIn groups, in my opinion, are pretty useless, far too overused with not enough good coming out of them. Maybe I have joined the wrong groups but I don’t find much of use on there.

Google Plus Logo

I am always looking to learn and develop myself. I want to be the best at my job that I can be. Going forward I want to be working hard, earning a good wage and producing quality work and to do that I need to be able to find out about the latest innovations from people who know what they are talking about. I think Google+ will give me the opportunity to find out what others are talking about, what they like, what they don’t, campaigns that are out at the moment and what innovations are coming down the line.

By using the “circles” feature I can sort out the streams of information I am seeing. I I am looking to see what fellow marketing professionals are saying I can. If I want to see what’s going on in the world of Video Games and what articles people are writing I can easily switch to that and not have to trawl through endless updates of “Oh no, my cat scratched my face and Champagne isn’t listening to me, she’s such a little madam lolz”.

I have seen a few bloggers asking if people will be bothered to sort their connections into specific “circles” and I can’t see why not. The system is easy to use and when you first join you can do it before you really get stuck in.

Google Plus Screen

To steal a line from Natalie Griffith who commented on a Google+ post of mine recently: “Having a targeted forum to knowledge share and discuss useful/interesting stuff with the ‘right’ people will be a huge plus, pardon the pun.” And that is the exact reason why I am hoping more people get on board with Google+ when it is eventually opened up.

Do you have any thoughts on Google+? Do you see many positives for the network or are you forseeing another flop in Googles social offerings? Comment below or speak to me on Twitter or Google+


One thought on “Why I’m Excited About Google+

  1. Alex Pollock says:

    According to comScore, Google drew more than a billion visitors in May, yet, people are spending more time on Facebook.
    Average user spent 400 minutes on Facebook, and only 200 on Google.

    Wave and Buzz failed, as will this, I predict. There needs to be compelling reasons to share on Google…which there isn’t!
    They have a toolbar and interesting communication tools, but it’s not enough! Facebook needn’t worry as they’re one step ahead of Google! They saw Google’s ‘Circles’ feature being developed last year, put a new team in place, and beat Google to it, by launching the new Facebook ‘Groups’ last October.

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