Mass Effect 3: A Chance To Get It Right

When I first started sitting down and writing about video games I never thought I would breach the subject that you are about to read. But after the announcement by Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson via his Twitter feed that Mass Effect 3 will allow your Commander Shepherd to engage in same sex relationships and seeing the response from gamers on both Twitter and Facebook… I wanted to write a little bit on what I have read.

My twitter feed was mostly positive about the announcement. I think people have trust in Bioware to treat the subject without resorting to clichés which is normally what happens in video games. One response did put a good point forward though. It certainly wasn’t against the idea but raised concern about how seemingly straight characters in the first two games would suddenly be open to a relationship that wasn’t accessible in the first two instalments. It really is a valid and well thought out point (not all were) and it’s one that Bioware will have to address within the game especially after a lot of players hold a connection to THEIR Commander Shepherd, after spending 80 hours plus with him/her.

But let’s remember that a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean sex. This could be a point that a number of gamers miss, especially those of a certain age experiencing certain feelings for the first time. Throughout the events of the story so far Shepherd (for the basis of this Shepherd is male) has been through a lot with the different characters. From helping out Garrus hold off gangs that were after him on Omega to gaining Thane’s trust, the relationships could be built out of a connection occurring through these life changing events. These characters could have formed a bond with Shepherd that just bursts out at some point.

For the rest of this article please head over to Death By Robots.


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