REVIEW: Gatling Gears

I didn’t really start getting into gaming until the early nineties when my brother and I were given a Mega Drive to share. I was never around in the days of ploughing your hard earned pocket money into an arcade machine so I don’t really hold any ties to arcade games in general. This could be one reason that when I first picked up my PS3 and Xbox 360 I neglected the arcade and indie games on offer.

I was a slave to graphics even though I would always deny the fact. But when I started playingKatamari Damacy I found that I could love a game even if it wasn’t a graphical powerhouse, it was all about the gameplay. In the past 18 months some of my favourite games have been from XBLA or the PSN; Flower, Limbo and Braid to name a few, but I hadn’t played any top down shooters. Watching them on screen I just couldn’t understand the appeal of them. My first real hands on with one of these was the recent arcade game that was included in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I enjoyed it but only played it once by myself and once with a couple of friends.

So, in steps Gatling Gears. A twin-stick top-down shooter from Vanguard Games who created the well received Greed Corp. Gatling Gears tells the story of Max a pilot in his heyday who was able to take control of one of the Empires newest weapons, The Walker. You are given the basic tutorial of how the Walker works, the left stick moves, right stick fires the machine guns, right trigger fires a rocket, left trigger fires a grenade which you can also aim using the left stick, and Y drops a shock bomb that obliterates all the enemies on screen. When you have completed your initial training an enemy force called the Freeman attacks the empires base. Max sets out to repel the invading freeman and save the Empire base… from there Max leaves the Empire after disobeying an order to destroy a village of innocents retiring to his countryside village to lead out a peaceful life… until of course the dastardly Empire comes after Max, his village and the natural resources.

To read the whole of the review visit Death By Robots – Trust me, It is worth it.


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