PSN – What Sony Can Do.

So, as I’m sure we are all aware the Playstation Network has been hacked. A bunch of scumbags somewhere now have access to personal details of Sony’s users including name, DOB, purchase history and although Sony hasn’t confirmed it, credit card details.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on security so I can’t really comment but I can tell you my thoughts on the situation:

Am I that annoyed that the PS3 has been hacked? Not really. If someone wants to hack a system with enough perseverance and time I’m sure they will get their way in the end just look at security attacks on The Pentagon and NASA, companies are, at times, powerless to stop the attacks. But what Sony can control is how they handle this crisis (and it is just that, a crisis). So far Sony has taken 6 days to tell their customers that their personal details have been compromised, 6 days just isn’t good enough. Whilst we don’t have an inside track into what’s going on within Sony HQ we can take an educated guess that they knew this as early as Friday 22nd March considering some Credit card companies had been made aware then.

The backlash has already started, Fanboys of other consoles are already sticking the knife in to Sony on social networking sites and even users of Sony’s products are venting their frustrations. The story has also made headline news on the mainstream news outlets meaning uninformed people will start having an opinion on the matter, Sony’s stocks have dropped and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. So what can Sony do to help themselves in this situation? What will happen to the company and the Playstation Brand over the next few months? I’m here to have a guess.

To see my suggestions head to the full article at Death By Robots.


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