Sequels & Remakes – A Rant

was doing my usual web surfing at lunchtime the other day when I stumbled onto Capcom Europe’s website. I flew into a bit of a rage and felt the need for a rant on two subjects: HD Remakes and Pointless Sequels. The below is the product of that rant, unedited and uncensored. Fanboys beware… you may find some of the following offensive.

HD remakes are all the rage at the moment; when a developer doesn’t have anything better to do they re-release an old ‘classic’. Don’t get me wrong, Beyond Good and Evil is the type of game that deserves that treatment; a critically acclaimed game that didn’t sell very well, but can someone tell me why the hell we need a HD version of Resident Evil 4?

To read the rest of this Article head over to Death By Robots


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