A Man’s Game?

So it looked like the main story that came from this weekend’s football schedule wasn’t a particular result but two well known football broadcasters getting caught off air making sexist remarks about a female referees assistant who was officiating in a high profile match up being broadcast live on TV.

Whilst I agree that the remarks were out of order and in this day and age where nearly everything you say could be recorded and passed on to news outlets the two broadcasters caught up in the “scandal” should have known better. But the public’s reaction to this has been nothing short of extraordinary. Taking them off of the broadcast for Monday night’s fixture was the correct move now let’s have them come out and apologise, draw a line under it and let’s get back to concentrating on the football.
Officials are going to get abuse, by fans, players and managers but they have learned to deal with it…Women officials know they are going to come in for some stick but they will just ignore it, like their male counterparts. Although i think the below image of the two broadcasters explanation to the woman official of the offside rule is a bit harsh…

My personal feelings on women and football…I have no problems with it whatsoever. In fact, my girlfriend knows more about lower league football than I do being a season ticket holder to Swindon Town (bless her). And when it comes to women officials, as long as they can do the job and does it well does it matter what their gender is? If i turned up on a Sunday morning with Cartus FC and we were assigned a female referee I would tell the lads to show as much respect to her as any other referee that we get assigned. Remember, without officials there would be no football


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