A Tune For Tuesday.

Well, I have had two posts in less than a week last week which I was quite impressed with myself with. But then before that I had a 2 month break in posting anything. I thought to myself last night, what’s the point in having a blog if I’m not going to put anything on it? Even if theres not that many people reading it it’s about disciplining myself to post so that when I do have something interesting / educational to say then it will come naturally.

To help me update regularly I have decided to come up with a theme for one day a week, at least that way I will update the site once a week and hopefully people will know to come and check the site regularly. It may not work but I will give it a go.

So, I have come up with “A Tune for Tuesday”. Each week I will post a song that I really like. It could be old, new, charts, unheard of but it will be my choice and people with similar tastes may actually like to listen to the music, or share their thoughts and their favourite music and hopefully we can share all sorts.

Now I know my music taste isn’t everyones cup of tea but hopefully people have open enough music tastes to at least give whatever I’m posting and talking about a chance, as I will with any music suggested to me via the comments section or on Twitter.

So, look out for my music choice later on today, Tuesday 7th December.


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