A Tune for Tuesday – Note To The Unknown Soldier

My very first TFT, my first attempt at writing about music. Now before I start I must warn you, I am not a music expert, I don’t play an instrument (I’d love to be able to), I don’t write music (I’d love to) and I don’t sing (although I can hold a tune) so if you are expecting songs to be cut apart and explained this isn’t the place. I will be telling you about a song I like and why I like it, that is all!

Right, that’s enough of a disclaimer, my first choice for TFT is:

Artist: Five for Fighting
Song: Note To The Unknown Soldier (click to hear the song at YouTube)

To start, Five for Fighting are one of my favourite bands. I first got to hear about them after hearing their song “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” which was featured on an episode of Smallville. Little did I know that the song was adopted by a lot of Americans and servicemen/women after 9/11. So FFF are relatively well known in the US but not so much outside.

Note To The Unknown Soldier” is featured on Five for Fighting’s latest album Slice. My reason for this song being chosen as my first TFT is a relatively simple one. I don’t think that in the UK we have really had as much admiration for our troops serving overseas, not until this year where the Help For Heroes charity has taken off so well. This song is an ode to all the servicemen/women currently serving in the US Forces and with Christmas coming up and all that it brings with it I think it is a great reminder of those people that are not home for Christmas and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and will not be returning home.

Five For Fighting - Slice
Five for Fighting's latest album - Slice

John Ondrasik who for all intense and purpose is Five for Fighting is a massive supporter of the troops in the US and regularly puts together CD’s featuring some of the best talents in the US and gives them away for free to members of the forces and their families. The song shows all the admiration he has for those that fight abroad and especially the ones that end up not returning.

It is a beautiful song and I personally feel that the music being more upbeat changes this song from being something that could be very depressing into more of a celebration. Listen to the song and just imagine a stripped down, acoustic version…it could get very depressing.

The admiration that John has for the troops shines through in the song and this shows through in the lines “Sam did you feel alone, You were so far from home, I never knew you, But I know you’re the best man I know”

If you would like any more information on Five for Fighting the official site is www.fiveforfighting.com or follow John Ondrasik on Twitter – @johnondrasik

So, Tune for Tuesday…done. Any thoughts? Do you like the song? Hate it? Feel there is anything similar out there that you think I or others may like? Then let me know below.


One thought on “A Tune for Tuesday – Note To The Unknown Soldier

  1. Steve says:

    Joe, what can i say! Bad taste in football teams but good taste in music. This song is very powerful and with the upbeat melody it does make it more interesting than some. Also I think being able to listen and understand the words does help a lot and so well done on the choice for your first song. Looking forward to the next Tuesday song.

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