Wrestling – Part 2

Ok, so I know it has been a few weeks since my last post and I said I would follow that up with two further posts regarding the topic of wrestling and why I enjoy it. Unfortunately I tore cartilage in my knee and have had surgery since then and it’s not been top of my priority list. So, I’m back and here’s my next post:

Why I love Wrestling

Have you ever watched a film, played a game or read a book that has made you laugh? Made you cry? Scream and shout out loud in frustration/anger?

I’m pretty sure you have because that is what entertainment is about. And a great piece of entertainment makes the viewer/reader feel emotion. I always remember watching a show like 24 and willing Jack Bauer to go in the next building and dispose of the terrorists waiting inside.

When done well, this is what wrestling can do for me. I have seen someone jump 50ft off scaffolding, someone falling off the top of a 16ft tall structure through a table and I’ve seen people put on 25/30 minute technical wrestling matches that have just struck me with awe. Now, the first two are the more extreme examples, of course a high fall or something that is pretty violent is going to make you gasp or shout out “oh my god” but then at the time the job that these performers went out to do, entertain the audience.

72,219 people packed into the University of Phoenix Stadium for Wrestlemania 26 in April 2010.

The days of the above are long gone, WWE is now strictly PG. You will not see blood, you will not see many weapons used and this is mainly so that WWE, the business, can gain sponsors and advertisers and be considered more mainstream. Recently on their flagship show Monday night RAW they have been able to attract some very big stars from outside the world of wrestling to appear on the show:

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr
  • Ricky Hatton
  • Shaquille O Neal
  • Ben Rothlesburger (NFL Superbowl Winning Quarterback)
  • Timbaland
  • Mike Tyson
  • Ashton Kutcher

Now that is just a few names. Don’t get me wrong, to some people those names might not sound that impressive, but for WWE they are some massive names. WWE has always had the problem of people calling it fake and comparing it to real sports and getting some of those “real” sportsmen like Floyd Mayweather (who also competed in WWE’s biggest Pay Per View of the year – Wrestlemania) automatically gives WWE and there performers that rub being shown alongside genuine sportsmen.

Arguably the best boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr taking on the 7ft tall Big Show at Wrestlemania 24

I love watching matches, it not just two men in Speedos rolling around on the floor with each other, there is an art to it, there is pure athleticism to it. If any can prove to me that these guys are not as fit and in shape as the “genuine” sportsmen out there I will gladly prove you wrong. Running, jumping, lifting, falling for 25 minutes at a time, these guys are in shape.

Not everyone is going to like it, I can understand why people don’t like it and I’m never going to try to get people to like it. All I say is for people to just open their minds and not be so dismissive. If I go and watch an action movie this weekend at the cinema I wouldn’t come out saying “well, that wasn’t real, there’s no way that would happen” I would come out thinking if It was a good film or not, if it ENTERTAINED me.

Now, I have typed quite a bit and not a lot of it about exactly why I love wrestling. It’s actually very, very simple, it entertains me.

Daniel Bryan - My favourite wrestler at the moment. Once broke his eye socket in a match and carried on to finish the match.

Any thoughts on what I have had to say? Good, Bad, Indifferent? Let me know below. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Wrestling – Part 2

  1. WW..Waste of Time says:

    I cannot stand watching wrestling. it is just two men in Speedos rolling around on the floor with each other.

    I love watching practically every sport for its ompetitiveness. wrestling is clearly scripted and the wrestlers/actors appear to make an effort NOT to hurt the opposition (and win bouts)- which to me devalues it as a spectacle.
    It ‘pretends’ to be a sport where the actors pretend to be hurt and has no competitiveness whatsoever.
    As far as I know bookmakers do not take bets on wrestling, and there is no drugtesting which perhaps goes some way to clarifying its validity.

    I think (but don’t know for sure) that the wrestlers have a steady diet of steroids to allow them to keep their physique.
    This totally negates any ridiculous comparisons to real sportsmen.

    As a storyline (for entertainment), I feel its shallow, unfulfilling and painfully scripted. I would prefer to watch a story/tv show/film with a beginning, middle and end providing a little more mental stimulation.

    In my opinion, wrestling features a bunch of steroid filled actors in speedos putting on a fake show- similar to Punch and Judy or a choreographed dance show, aimed at children with pretty colours.

    I personally would rather watch Gladiators for the competitive element. awooga.

    Or try watcing The Wire

    1. Joe Dale says:

      Hey Nick,

      Well i think back in the 80’s / early 90’s then your description of the ‘roided up wrestlers was probably a true description, these days are a completely different story. In the WWE there is a Wellness Policy which is clearly labeled on their corporate website. This is effectively a drug testing policy and anyone caught fowl of this is Suspended the first time and asked to attend rehab (if its a addictive drug) and then if they refuse they are released.

      Another thing is your description of it as a sport, WWE does not try to represent itself as a sport, it is well known that the outcome of the matches is predetermined and some of the interviews are (although a lot are ad libbed but they know what points they need to make) which is why no bookie would take bets on them, but they brand themselves as “Sports Entertainment”. It is more about the spectacle, the physicality, the larger than life characters. Yes some of it is very, very cheesy, over produced and to be honest, rubbish…but then the same can be said for Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks (I’m sure thats not your thing, but you get my point).

      I completely respect your thoughts on Wrestling although i feel they may be slightly outdated with the product today as i mention in my first line. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Lex Luger, British Bulldog, wrestlers who were more prominent when you were of the age when wrestling was readily available were as you described…Nowadays that is not the case so much (i’m not saying cases slip through the net).

      The last point i make about the wrestlers pretending to hurt each other…a lot of the moves they do in the ring hurt, if you read my previous blog then there is a link showing the long list of injuries sustained by wrestlers. As it is not a sport, there is no off season, no matter how “fake” certain actions are (and yes some look awful!) impacts on your knees, back, head for 5 days a week 52 weeks a year is going to cause lifelong injuries. Bicep Tears, Rotator Cuff injuries and Neck fusions are common place in wrestling and the athleticism needed to pull of moves is on par with any other “real” athlete out there.

      Again, completely respect your thoughts ,and thanks for the interaction. Wrestlings not for everybody, but then again…what is?

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