My Dirty Little Secret…

I’ve thought about writing something about this subject for a good couple of years, even before I started writing a blog. It’s something I have been pretty passionate about since 1999 when I was around my friends’ house watching my first match. But, being 24 and admitting to liking it openly is just not something that I have never really wanted to admit to…But it’s time to come out with my dirty little secret…

I like wrestling.

Or more to the point, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

WWE Logo
World Wrestling Entertainment - The number one brand for professional wrestling.

I know I have opened myself up here for a lot of ribbing from anyone who reads this (is there anybody!) and the fact that I will whore out my article on Twitter and Facebook shows that I really couldn’t care less anymore.

I love it, I really do, and do you know why? It’s entertainment, pure and simple. Yes it’s a lot of muscle bound guys rolling around in their Speedos but when done properly, it’s an art form.

Now before I go any further, I am going to get this out of the way, yes I know wrestling is fake, well, fake isn’t the word that should be used. The results of the match are predetermined, a lot of the interview segments are scripted but what happens in the ring, being slammed down on your back, neck, head, legs is a lot more real than a lot of sports out there. Just look at the long list of injuries suffered by professional wrestlers. They travel for more than 300 days a year from town to town, city to city, country to country with no off season. Can you imagine Premier league footballers playing a game 4 times a week 52 weeks a year? No, you can’t.

Ronaldo Moping
Can you see Ronaldo 320 games a year?

So, I’m going to be working on two posts after this, the first will be why I love wrestling. The second will be on what I see are the current issues in wrestling. Some people may not be interested in reading either of the posts, and to those people that’s fine I’m not going to force you to read about something you have no interest in, but, you never know, you may find it interesting and you may find you learn something that you didn’t know about “sports entertainment”.

So, if you want to have a read on my thoughts, please feel free to subscribe, or keep an eye out on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn for my blatant attempts at whoring the blog out to you.

So, any thoughts on wrestling? Good or bad – I can take it! Sound off in the comments section. If you like it, tell me why, matches you like, characters you like (or dislike) anything…For those of you that don’t let me know your thoughts, why don’t you like it and why I am a douche for watching it!



2 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret…

  1. zombie101 says:

    Uh oh, the secret is out of the bag…… 🙂

    Nice start mate, looking forward to the next installment. For the record, I’ve been outted as a wrestling fan at work for awhile and I build it into conversations now!

  2. James Bowerbank says:

    I personally believe that most men love a bit of WWE!! I have a watch every now and then and I am always well entertained. I love following Triple H’s story lines and Hulk Hogan is a legend!! On a side note I’ve never understood the attraction to UFC, boxing or any sport that is about people battering each other but WWE is in a league of its own as the storylines and entertainment side make it stand out from the crowd and it appeals to all ages!

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