Facebook Fail

Now then,

I cannot understand international companies who do not embrace the use of social media regardless of the kind of work they do.

I have just started playing for a brand new football team, the majority of the team all work for the same company and the founding members got permission to use the company name as the team name. Four training sessions later and we are on the verge of the biggest weekend in the clubs (short) history. We have our first friendly on Sunday 15th August, our first EVER game. We are ready we have a decent team and I’m hoping on Monday morning I will be reporting on a magnificent victory…

So here’s where my little rant comes into its own…I have set a Facebook group for our football team. “What a great idea” I hear you yell, “now you can interact as a team, update each other on results and football news and generally gel as a team”. Yes reader, that is a fantastic idea. As soon as I had set the group up, someone forwarded me an email from the company and it went a little like this:


I’m afraid we don’t condone any COMPANY NAME related Facebook activity. There has been issues with security, privacy, hacking etc related to social networking sites. Therefore we’ve prohibited employees any reference to COMPANY NAME in personal profiles. This would therefore certainly extend to setting up groups related to COMPANY NAME.

Sorry, you can share with the Club Secretary, but I’m afraid we would have to decline such a request.”

What utter Bull Shit…

Now I bet this person who has declined the request for us to set up a group on Facebook uses the company name on their LinkedIn page, don’t you think?

I will ask the team manager to take this up with the company (as he works there).

So, do you think I am having a rant over nothing? Or do you agree with me? Sound off in the comments section below.



2 thoughts on “Facebook Fail

  1. Ossom says:

    Yes and no. Whilst it may be petty, some companies do like to have absolute control of their brand and may not feel that the facebook world is one in which it wishes to be associated. I had a problem once when getting too casual on a company’s facebook page, for which i worked and was later accosted by the gm, who i had never even met, as to what i meant by my comments. This was rather embarrassing Also these kind of groups may be accessed publicly as it was in my case and clients of the company could view the comments.

    Keep the group, just change the name and use it as intended, just don’t add the company affiliation. Also, i like the way the message starts ‘Hiya’, like it’s a friendly request but not really. As it’s not your company it would be up to one of the other guys to follow it up and i’m sure that they would prefer a good standing at work appose to arguing with management over use of the company name, because the company has the final say. Best to just give in i’m afraid.

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