The Dreaded Unintentional Yawn…

There is nothing worse than being in a meeting surrounded by eight people who are experts on the meeting subject when you are not…

Facts, figures and abbreviations are flying around the room. You are trying hard to keep up and understand exactly what is going on but after two hours of your head being blitzed with information you feel your mouth try to force itself open. You have to do everything you can to hide the event that is unfolding, but you can’t…The unintentional yawn strikes.

There will always be someone who catches your eye mid yawn who will either give little smile or look at you like you have kicked their firstborn in the head.

Now, the worst thing about this is that for a second or two you are concentrating on trying to conceal your massive gob when you spot the chair of the meeting looking at you.

“What do you think to that?”

Oh Shit…


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Unintentional Yawn…

  1. Jen says:

    Is yawning not contagious? Look at the most junior person in the room and blame them for making you yawn. If you are the most junior person in the room…taxi?

  2. James says:

    Mate that was actually quite funny! I can top the yawn thou how about falling asleep in a tax meeting on a Monday morning giving away the game by my head slipping off my palm! Thinking I got away with it until later when my manager informed me it had been noted!! Pure facepalm moment! Worst part is my client contact is now the very person who noticed my snooze, I can only dread what she thinks ever time she she’s my name!!

  3. Clare says:

    Yep, I fell asleep in a company induction on my industrial placement a few years back. Not a good start. Still yawn a lot so I always ask for a strong coffee in client meetings!

  4. Henry Elliss says:

    The best way to get over an unintentional yawn is just to go completely overboard, and OWN that room with the yawn. It’ll spread like a virus, then you can all just get up and go to the pub 😀

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